We use technology to create harmony.


Fourth Party Solutions® Corp. develops collaborative solutions for large-scale online dispute resolution and prevention, including mediation and arbitration systems. This includes organizing and filtering disputes, making procedures more effective, and reducing backlogs of cases and clients.

By using technology as an active participant--the "fourth party" --  we can even prevent and resolve some conflicts without human intervention.  For example, smartphone apps and online web portals can collect and deploy information so misunderstandings are less likely.  

At Fourth Party Solutions® Corp. we are passionate about identifying opportunities within organizations where advanced information and communication technologies can be integrated into business practices, problem solving, and dispute resolution to create harmonious personal and working environments.

Our team offers over eighty years of experience in dispute prevention and engagement, the use of technology to improve human communication and organizational effectiveness, and business creation and development. With a keen understanding of the importance of collaborative approaches, and extensive experience using technology, we are ready to work with you to find the solutions you need to adapt and take advantage of the ever-expanding possibilities.